My guitar

My guitar don’t wanna see me no more
She don’t wanna bleed in my arms anymore
She-s just a 6 string good bye
To loneliness
My guitar don’t wanna sing you no more
Told me she left killing another soul
She is singing alone in the dark
About me
You were gone so I was broken in two
I was staring at the moon in bloom
I was fighting alone in the dark
With a rock
And I was there when soul was built
Like a stairway on a tune she was filled
There are songs inside my heart
My guitar don’t wanna sing about
My guitar wants me to grow up
She just feels that it’s time to end up
Feeling sorry didn’t sing enough
About death
I’m immortal and so is my soul
I’m just singing I wanna go home
I’m impatient and I’m running again
For a friend
I am burning inside this song
I am laughing at the world
I’m a demon and an angel above
I’m a dove
I will finish because my guitar
Is very tired and she wants to hold on
Fighting wars with a tune on piano
Going nowhere